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What is the history of CBD?

Wednesday, 12-8-2020  

One of the most widely discussed cannabinoids cannabis provides us with is CBD. This is a non-psychoactive compound and this compound has been conquering the world for a long time. Lately more and more research is being done on CBD and its history will be explained in this article. What exactly is CBD and what is it? How did it originate, what is its background? Read along and discover the answers to all these questions.

Learn more about CBD

It is always good to master the basics of CBD. Cannabis is a flowering plant species and is found naturally in many parts of the world. You see them mainly in tropical and humid regions. You also see them in mountainous areas. It is a plant that is versatile and has been incredibly important to people throughout history. Unfortunately, this plant is still considered illegal and that is a pity. CBD is already a few thousand years before Christ. So history goes back a long way and not everything is known yet. The earliest records of cannabis, or hemp, date from about 2300 BC. This information comes from a Chinese book, this book is called Shuijng. The people in China already used cannabis in the past. They did this for, among other things, the production of strong, tough fibres from which they eventually made clothing and rope. It was also used as a medicine to treat a range of ailments. This ranges from rheumatism to other aches and pains, such as menstrual pain (they already knew this at the time, although it was most likely qualified differently than it is done now). So the plant was primarily an industrial crop, but it did not stop there. The plant was also used for spiritual purposes, ceremonies were held there and other things were done with it. The plant was not only used in China, also in India there was a lot of experimentation with CBD. Cannabis is generally thought to be the main ingredient of soma, which is a traditional drink used at religious ceremonies. Hindus also use a good called Bhang, which is a drink that also contains cannabis. Think of annual celebrations, that’s what it was mostly used for. It went further than this, because history was written because cannabis spread all over the world. Everybody had to know what this was, what it did to you and so cannabis became world famous and loved, even today.

What are the possibilities of cannabinoids?

Since the discovery of the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD and many others, scientists around the world have tried to isolate these compounds. And to study and understand the effects they cause. Nowadays the following cannabinoids are the best known:

  • THC
  • CBN
  • CBD
  • CBG

In addition, there are many other known cannabinoids. The nice thing about CBD is that it has an anti-inflammatory effect and can also serve as an anxiety inhibitor. How beautiful is that? If you want to share your experience with CBD or if you want more information, let us know! 

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