Fireworks displays guarantee a magical evening!

Saturday, 4-4-2015  

Recently I was fortunate to experience one of the most magical fireworks displays, put on by the company Dynamic Fireworks. Tales have been told of the fireworks displays that would be put on for the royal court during the rule of the ancient Chinese dynasties. If story books and history books are to be believed then the fireworks displays of ancient times were every bit as, if not more, amazing as modern day fireworks displays. Unfortunately I don’t have any first-hand experience to make comparisons. So I feel I can say that this was one of the greatest technical fireworks displays ever to have been performed. It was a perfect evening for a fireworks displays. The weather could not have been better. It was a summer night and there was no wind. In spite of there being no wind it was not too warm to feel uncomfortable. Everybody was commenting on how lucky we were to experience such great weather so close to the end of summer. The venue was a public park on the waters edge. A grass embankment lead down to the edge of the lake. A floating platform had been installed on the lake to act as a stage. At this stage of the evening, the grass embankment was full of people with picnic blankets, picnic baskets and drinks settling down to have a relaxing Sunday evening. The Symphony Orchestra was on the stage and they were warming up. At exactly one minute before eight o’clock the crowd became silent as they anticipated the start of the extravaganza. Nobody knew what to expect as this was the first time that a Symphony Orchestra and fireworks displays would be performed together. At exactly eight o’clock the show began.

How the fireworks displays progressed

A single rocket shot up into the night sky and as it exploded it sent sparks out in all directions. The sky was lit up and so was the lake as the reflections shone almost as bright as the firework itself. At the same time as the explosion, the percussion section of the orchestra began a dramatic drum roll. The drum roll grew in intensity until as it reached the crescendo, three more rockets shot into the sky. These rockets all exploded at the same time but in different colours. They made a big bang and then crackled as the pieces fell to the floor again lighting up the lake except this time more dramatically. There were a few seconds of silence which really increased the tension before a lone violin player began playing a simple but beautiful melody. Each time the violinist played a theme she was echoed by the full orchestra and as the orchestra finished the theme the percussion would join with a drum roll which inevitably ended in a new set of fireworks shooting up into the sky. The music became more and more busy and as it did, so did the fireworks displays. Soon there were many rockets shooting up and all exploding into different shapes. The shapes in the sky were perfectly mirrored in the waters of the lake below. There were even some firework that were silent which and certain colours would always appear at the same part of the symphonies themes. Even more amazing was the loud bangs were always in time with the beat of the music as if they were actually just an extension of the percussion section. Just as the music started to become abrupt and atonal and the fireworks displays appeared to be getting chaotic, there would be a few moments of absolute silence and the lone violinist would start off playing a variation of the original theme.

How can you organise your own fireworks displays

Many minutes into the performance a few people started to look around them amazed that they had been entranced for almost an hour. Nobody had spoken a word to each other, had a bite of food, or taken a sip of their drink since the first rocket went up into the sky. Still the music carried on playing and the incredible combination of light and sound continued. The music was enhanced by the fact that it was carried over the lake to the audience. All of a sudden the music rose in intensity and those whose attention had begun to waver were all drawn back into the trance. It was clear that the composer had put a lot of thought into balancing all the aspects of the symphony with the fireworks displays. As impressive as the music piece was the technical feat of putting the fireworks displays together so that each explosion matched the music in time and that each colour and shape of explosion seemed to fit just perfectly with that moment of the music. Just as it began it ended with the orchestra going silent and a multitude of fireworks going off in a distinct rhythmic pattern. This last effort of the fireworks displays technicians took five minutes and had everybody on their feet gasping in wonder. Once the last spark floated to the ground the audience stood still. Nobody could believe it was over. The crowd began to applause. The greatest fireworks displays of modern times had come to an end, and was organised by Dynamic Fireworks, whom you can contact online via their website at

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