Haus und Garten

Looking for a sunlit residence? Consider a Costa del Sol property!

Sunday, 31-5-2020  

Are you considering a move to Spain? Or would you like to buy a second, third, or fourth residence for you to spend your holidays? If the answer to one of the previous two questions is positive, then you might consider spending some time in doing research into Costa del Sol property. “Costa del Sol” […]

Helpdesk und Servicedesk

Get your GigE camera!

Saturday, 23-5-2020  

GigE is an abbreviation for Gigabit Ethernet. GigE integrate vision camera and machine vision appliances. These specific cameras are designed to send raw images to a host controller with a speed as high as possible. The GigE cameras is most often used to monitor the quality of products and the automation of processes. Therefore, a […]