Campsites in the Netherlands

Wednesday, 18-3-2015  

Times have been tough lately, with the financial crisis hitting all of us, forcing us to save rather than spend our money. Taking a nice relaxing vacation may not have been a possibility for you and your family in the last couple of years and perhaps it is still a hard decision to make. Still, there are lots of splendid options for low budget holidays. If you are looking to spend a wonderful vacation that will not cost too much money, you may want to consider some lovely campsites in the Netherlands. This cute little country just across the Canal holds some unexpectedly beautiful attractions. Even though it is a small nation, it once was an influential power at sea and in its Golden Century, trading, art and a science flourished. In many locations in the Netherlands one can find well preserved traces of this rich history. Take the canals in Amsterdam, for example, or some of the medieval castles scattered across the eastern rural lands. Wherever you turn within these 41.526 square kilometers of a country, you will be surprised by the interesting things there are to discover. During your trip you can stay in hotels, hostels or campsites in the Netherlands. Campsites in the Netherlands are by far the cheaper option. If you are a tad adventurous and if you are not afraid of sleeping in a sleeping bag and living in a tent for a couple of weeks, you will enjoy your holiday across the Canal. You could even rent a bike (a very popular mode of transport in Holland) and travel across the charming countryside, visiting a number of different campsites in the Netherlands. There is one example of a museum that can only be reached by bicycle. It is called the Kröller-Möller museum, after the couple who started the collection in 1888, and it is located in the national park “De Hoge Veluwe”. Since no cars are allowed in the national park, they arranged a transporting system consisting of white bicycles, which can be used for free, in order to move around in the park. The Kröller-Möller museum displays the largest collection van works by Vincent van Gogh, which would be reason enough to pay a visit. This museum is one of those cultural treasures the Dutch keep hidden away in their forests, fields and hillsides (the latter located mainly in the southern regions). Staying at one of the charming campsites in the Netherlands allows you to explore these amazing features that leave your head spinning with impressions once you are back in your tent, enjoying the cozy warmth of your sleeping bag.

Find the loveliest campsites in the Netherlands

When you are thinking about having a holiday in the Netherlands such as the one described above, you are probably looking for information about campsites in the Netherlands. Camping has been a national hobby to the Dutch for decades. Naturally, they adjusted their surroundings to allow them to put up a tent in almost any interesting-looking spot they could find. This means that it is rather easy to find nice campsites in the Netherlands. If you would fly in today, you could start looking for a campsite immediately and probably find one within thirty minutes of your arrival. This world-traveling backpacker attitude can yield you lots of pleasure, if it is your thing to do. If, however, you prefer to know about campsites in the Netherlands and pick one beforehand, you can look for campsites it the Netherlands using our campsite finder. It is a useful little tool that allows you to search for campsites in the Netherlands according to your own criteria and preferences. You can include the following criteria in your search:

  • Province
  • Type of location
  • Type of accommodation
  • Pitch facilities
  • Shared facilities
  • Facilities for children
  • Suitability specific target groups (such as dog owners or the disables)

According to these criteria one can easily find the most appealing campsites in the Netherlands. The Netherlands comprise twelve provinces, half of which border the sea. When choosing from all the possible campsites in the Netherlands using this campsite finder, you can choose a type of location, that is ‘in woodland’, ‘near woodland’ or ‘near water or a river’. Since the Netherlands are renowned for their many waterscapes (from little brooks in the woods to the Ijsselmeer and from the Waddenzee to small canals in between agricultural fields) these two categories will probably not be as strict in practice as they appear in the campsite finder. However, according to the campsite finder, the main feature of the campsites in the Netherlands adhering to location will be either their position in or near woodland or their closeness to water. The type of accommodation you can choose when looking for campsites in the Netherlands includes staying in your tent on a camping pitch, renting a chalet, mobile home, cabin or furnished tent. Especially the furnished tents are becoming increasingly popular among the Dutch. It is the camping experience, but with all the luxury of a cabin or hotel room.

Enjoy your camping holiday

Are you ready to pick your ideal camping spot from all the lovely campsites in the Netherlands? Campsites in the Netherlands guarantee an unforgettable vacation and it hardly costs what you would expect from a trip abroad. Create your own custom made vacation by trying multiple campsites and enjoying different types of landscapes and standards of luxury during your stay.

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