Pack your products securely with PTFE glass

Sunday, 27-1-2019  

In your company you undoubtedly want everything to be as hygienic as possible and that no unwanted bacteria will come. Especially when packaging food it is important that everything is free of bacteria. PTFE glass is a good solution for this. PTFE glass ensures that everything is packed securely and provides many possibilities. At Hardick we can supply various PTFE glass products that can be a good addition for your company. We are happy to explain to you what we can do in the area of PTFE glass and how you can contact us to discuss the possibilities. Therefore read on quickly and discover all the benefits.

PTFE glass in any desired width available

PTFE glass is a low maintenance fabric that can be used for numerous applications. One of the major advantages of PTFE glass is that it is completely chemically inert and resistant to moisture and microorganisms. Which means that fungal and bacterial growth will not occur on this product and it is safe to use for example for packaging food. One of the products we offer is PTFE glass tape or fabric. This type has multiple advantages:

  • Can be used to prevent foil from melting
  • Available in a wide variety of self-adhesive variations
  • In any desired width available
  • Smooth surface
  • Low friction coefficient

The PTFE glass tape uses a silicon glue layer with a temperature resistance of up to 260 degrees Celcius. This prevent the packaging foil from melting during the sealing. Our standard rolls have a length of 30 meters and we can also supply the fabric in any desired width from 3 millimeters to 1000 millimeters. Due to the low friction coefficient and smooth surface, PTFE glass is very usable for sliding purposes. All your problems will be solved with covering the surface that needs to be smooth. If you are interested in our products, we can always advise you on the right purchase. You may not know exactly what it takes to be able to close your packaging properly. Our employees have the expertise to tell you everything and help you find the right product. You can also request samples of our products, so that you can see with your own eyes what material it is and can feel about it. This way you know at a glance whether the material suits your purposes.

Our passion is improving existing products and developing new ones

Hardick is you specialist in PTFE materials. We have years of experience in the field, which enables us to respond to every situation. We also work all over the world, which means we have built a good reputation outside the Netherlands. With our knowledge and expertise we want to make your production easier. We therefore want to advise you at all times about the possibilities, so that you are well prepared for your new development.We are constantly developing new machines for use in-house and use by our customers. Another major part of our daily work is improving existing products and developing new products. So if you are looking for a great partner to buy your products from, do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to help you with the right products and transfer our knowledge to you. Do you still have questions, need advice or want more information about our products and services after reading all the information? Please contact us using the contact details on Together with you we work on a good future for your company.

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