Need help starting a business in the Netherlands?

Monday, 9-3-2020  

Starting a business in the Netherlands is a dream for many foreigners. Holland has a very vibrant international business climate, and a great position when it comes to trading worldwide. Moving your business to the Netherlands or starting a new one there might therefor be a better idea than doing that in your own country. But if you plan on doing so, you might want to get some professional help in the form of a lawyer. offers an all-in service for those who are starting a business in the Netherlands and not only provide you with useful advise, but also arrange official documents and offer a helpdesk. On their website you’ll already find some information on what do to when starting a business in the Netherlands, and most of all, why. There are many reasons why the Netherlands are the perfect country for your new business, but among the most important ones are:

  • Only 20% corporate tax, one of the lowest tax rates in Europe
  • An excellent international business climate
  • 93% English speaking natives
  • Holland functions as a logistic hub as a gateway to Europe
  • 0% VAT for business between EU member states

If after this list you are still doubting wether it’s a good idea to move your business to the Netherlands you should definitely contact They can tell you everything about how to do it, the type of help you need and most of all why it’s such a good idea to start your business in Holland.

Why starting a business in the Netherlands?

Are you seriously considering setting up your business overseas in the Netherlands? You’re definitely not the first! The Dutch offer an interesting business culture, full of opportunities for aspiring foreign entrepreneurs. Dutch companies have a really good reputation when it comes to doing business internationally, and are usually seen as a trustworthy partner. One of the biggest reasons for that is that the level of English is very high in Holland. Kids start learning it when they reach the age of 7, and never stop learning. Therefor almost everyone speaks English on a pretty high level. Starting a business in the Netherlands as someone who doesn’t speak Dutch therefor is no problem at all. You will have no problem communicating with employees or clients, and won’t experience a language barrier like you might would in France or Spain, where the level of English is much lower.

Financial opportunities in the Netherlands

Considering Holland as the location for your start-up might be the best decision you’ve ever made. The European Single market was created to stimulate import and export between European countries, which results in a very interesting and open business climate. Starting a business in the Netherlands (one of the smallest countries in the EU) basically gives you the freedom of doing business with the entire European Union without even feeling like there is a border in between. You don’t even pay VAT over items you purchase in another EU country! Again, if this doesn’t convince you of why starting a business in the Netherlands is a good idea you might want to contact to discuss the possibilities. 

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