Need an expert on company formation in The Netherlands?

Thursday, 27-6-2019  

At Intercompany Solutions, we have assisted entrepeneurs from all over the world in starting their company in The Netherlands. With over 500 companies formed, we call ourselves an experienced partner for company formation in The Netherlands. Are you looking to start your business in The Netherlands and do you need help or assistance? We ar here for you. Our qualified team of experts can help you obtain all information, social security numbers and even look for office or housing opportunities for you and your family. Business law experts make a part of our team and can offer you advice on the best company form your business needs. Contact us now for a free consultation and set up your Dutch company right away.

Why company formation in The Netherlands?

Most entrepeneurs are aware of the good conditions the Dutch government offers business owners. With exceptional low taxes and an open, flourishing economy, The Netherlands is a fine canvas for any entrepeneur looking for new opportunities. Cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht and Eindhoven have a lot to offer. Rotterdam houses the main port of the country, whereas Eindhoven offers a large pool of highly qualified personel in the technical sector. Whatever your business needs, it is likely to be found somewhere in this little country by the sea. Mainland Europe is easily reached via excellent roads. The Schengen treaty makes it possible to trade via open borders, which makes trading and transport very easy. Furthermore, a lot of succesful companies already operate from The Netherlands. They took their chances and chose company formation in The Netherlands. Chances are that you will meet and connect numerous other entrepeneurs who can help you grow fast. The right manufacturer for your products or supplier for raw materials can be found fast, especially with our help. Since we know the local economy well, we can set you up with the right people at the right time. Are you ready to take on your company formation in The Netherlands? Contact us at IntercompanySolutions. com for a first consultation. Based on this, we can give advice on the next best step to get your business started as soon as possible. We want to be a part of your success.

What we offer

To be specific, we can offer you the following when working together:

  • obtaining social security numbers, EORI or VAT number
  • register company 
  • advice on tax matters
  • offer assistance gaining citizenship
  • migrating your business to The Netherlands

This is just a short list of all our services we offer. Please look at the full overview of our services online. You will find elaborate information about several topics that are important when migrating your business or applying for company formation in The Netherlands. Company formation in The Netherlands does not have to be hard or endlessly delayed. When working together with our team of experts, company formation in The Netherlands can be done much faster than most entrepeneurs expect. Let us suprise you with our excellent service level. Our premium customers can even make use of secretarial services, that gives you access to our experts whenever you need. 

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