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Move to a Costa del Sol property or rent it out for great profit

Saturday, 1-12-2018  

If you live in the Netherlands, every winter you probably wished you’d live somewhere on a Costa del Sol property. If you live anywhere else in northern, central and Eastern Europe, you also probably wished you owned a place somewhere in a warm climate. After the last economic crisis that hit Europe, Spain was one of the countries to feel it most deeply. The reason behind this is because a lot of banks provided credits and mortgages without requiring stable incomes. As a result of the economic crisis, an incredible number of people were left without their jobs and, therefore, without their houses. A big percentage of Spanish people used to own two houses: one in the city where they live and one holiday house. After the big, negative consequences of the economic situation, many houses went to banks because of the incapacity of people to pay their mortgages. Nowadays, some of those houses are still available. Many real estates in Spain are still targeting internationals as primary buyers. If you already searched for a Costa del Sol property, you probably already found some amazing offers on The choices are many and the budget needed varies, so you will definitely find something you can afford. Purchasing a Costa del Sol property now might be one of the wisest decisions you have ever made. You are still wondering why? Apart from the fact that you will have a place where to escape every year when it gets too cold to handle, you can also use it as a holiday house or you may just as well choose to rent it to travelers for big profits. At the same time, Spain has almost fully recovered from the big hit of the economic crisis, and it is expected to become of the leading countries in Europe. You will definitely want to start searching for a Costa del Sol property now!

Realista, your best connection to your future Costa del Sol property

As a specialist in the Costa del Sol property choices, Realista is the best advisor and real estate agent you can wish for. The real estate agents at Realista will help you with many various things you need to take understand before you invest in a Costa del Sol property:

  • The requirements for a Spanish residency visa
  • How big your investment will be and what profits you can expect
  • You will not be charged for their services, the seller will!

Live life to the fullest

Now that you have your Costa del Sol property, you can start drinking cocktails and enjoy the sweet, caressing sunshine of Spain. Even though Spain goes through winter as well, the temperatures on Costa del Sol remain as high as you can get around Europe. You chose the best place for a new investment since Costa del Sol has the most sunny days all around the year, in Europe. Before you rent out your new house, make sure you throw an amazingly expensive and glamorous pool party. You need to experience the life away from cold days and lack of sun. However, be prepared for desiring to move in this house yourself instead of renting it out! You will soon be taken over by a mood that requires mid-day siesta, long sunshine hours and lots of delicious food and drinks. You know you can have all of these in Spain, otherwise you would not be searching for a new property on Costa del Sol.

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