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Consious Fashion: we do have a choice!

Monday, 14-1-2019  

In the past, people bought some new clothes twice a year. Meanwhile, we buy something new every week – or for every occasion. Clothing is very cheap and fashion is fast. That on the other side of the world there is someone who does pay the price, and that the earth is under great pressure, we forget for a moment. Are you willing to pay a fair price for clothing, and thereby contribute to better working conditions for garment workers and a better environment? And why not? Do we have a choice? What do we do to the world? Milling and making better choices is the motto! Hopefully, this article will be your guide in consious Fashion.

What is consious Fashion according to you?

Fair fashion should be sustainable, honest fashion; made under good working conditions without a negative impact on the environment and animals. Unfortunately, there is currently almost no 100 percent fair clothing. That is why I would describe consious Fashion for the time being as fashion from brands that work together with garment factories for better working conditions, with the least possible negative impact on the environment. Consious Fashion should be clothing that is made with respect for the maker, the raw materials and the environment. Most consious Fashion labels consist of clothing brands that use organic cotton, recycled materials, materials with a lesser impact, such as hemp and linen. They recognize the problems in the clothing industry and allow an independent party to critically review their supply chain, for example, Fair Wear Foundation. Fair fashion brands consider transparency important and are open about their choices and producers. Clothing brands that are leaders in sustainability are People Tree, Lanius, Nudie Jeans, Kuyichi, Alchemist, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Komodo and Ishie Studios. For many, consious Fashion clothing is produced under good conditions and no people, animals or the environment have to suffer. The textile/clothing industry is unfortunately not yet transparent and therefore it is not always possible to deduce how fair the clothing you buy is. Fair clothing should:

  • no exploitation of people
  • fair price
  • no harm to animals
  • made of natural components


Wow, what a quantity of valuable information! I hope the world of consious Fashion and unfair fashion is becoming more clear to you. You have read this article, so you are definitely on the right track: awareness is the first step. We should not find it normal to see clothing as a disposable product and consciously choose what we want to buy and wear. Do you also prefer consious Fashion above unfair fashion? Then check the website of Ishie Studios. This shop will definitely become one of your favorite brands. Eliminate the brands that are not and buy only brands that do care about consious Fashion. Do you find it difficult to remember all brands? Make it easy for yourself and only buy at stores that you know they only sell consious Fashion, like Ishie Studios. At Ishie Studios they have an honest and sustainable clothing industry in mind. The shop produces clothing with respect for people and nature. It is a concept inspired by the purity and beauty of Japanese architecture, with an exclusive online store at The Ishie consious Fashion collection consists of beautiful clothing and accessories who embrace the simplicity of Japan and the meaning of ‘Ishie’, which means ‘stone’ in Japanese and stands for beauty that is made to last forever. For their clothing, sustainability is the most important guideline. Read more…

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